Cryo Bank

Cryobank - maintains the genealogical records of the Mehorses. Preservation of bio-material. Prosthetics and exoskeleton improvements.


An independent entity within the Compass Corporation. Its main objectives are:


  1. Accounting for the supply of prostheses and exoskeletons to individuals. (Exoskeleton belongs to Compas Corporation). The new owner will be leasing the exoskeleton. The structure of the exoskeleton itself, without any of the attachments. Curtains and decorations are hung by the owner. At the end of their life, the Mechorses will be returned to the Corporation and the owner will receive a sum of money for having sent the Mechorses to the Biocube. The owner receives the bodykit.
  2. Control of delivery to Biocubes.
  3. Has in its structural analysis department in the best geneticists, on whose advice is chosen pairs of the most suitable to obtain a hybrid with the best possible results (this is theoretical, of course, but the percentage of hits - more than 68, which is already an excellent result).
  4. Maintaining archive records of all Linage
  5. Preserving biomaterial from living and deceased Mehorses



Stallion must win at least one prize in a competition to be eligible for breeding.
Mares undergo a veterinary examination.
Breeding takes into account the parents' appearance, coat rarity/modifier, health, prices and pedigree.


The foal inherits the common skills of both parents. These are later added up and divided in half. Skill points are given at random.
When one or both parents get mechanised. The offspring inherit "frozen" skills.


A kind of alma mater, the Cryo Bank. The count of newborn and dormant souls. COMPAS itself is in charge of souls. It redirects them into new bodies. The soul and the mind are closely linked. This is why the COMPAS invests in the study of the brain and then moves on to the electronic ghost stage.