Predator collection


A new arrival!






Updated design available!


Color and Light


The designs become sombre black with 'colour inserts' to maintain the balance between colour, light and the balance of black. There are a few glimpses of design choices. But they didn't make it into the spoiler.

What's happening now?
The colouring of the Predator armour is in progress, so far three variants have been put together that will look harmonious with the light and dark masks of the Mechorse. The picture shows two colourings (one with red ears and one with red and purple ears).

Colouring patterns.
These are the templates for painting the armor of a specific Mechorse model. The colouring templates show schematically the parts to be painted, reinforcements, flexible glass parts and additional design details.




- A wolf in sheep's clothing. - That's what jockeys say about Mehorse Predator models. They are fast, agile and sometimes a little funny, just like house cats!
Stop! We were talking about wolves in sheep's clothing. Artificial sheep's clothing.

In front of you is a schematic representation of the classic Predator, which has iron legs, a frame hidden under a flexible glass. The upper part, namely the body and neck of the Mechors, is covered by an artificial skin. From the looks of it, Mechors' fur may seem real, but don't believe your eyes. The main part of the Predators has artificial hair: on the body, mane and tail (mostly natural shades, but there are exceptions to the


It is only an imitation of those artificial skins, hiding the exoskeleton from prying human eyes. But not the Academy students!

Taking apart the Predator piece by piece:
Mechanical Head - Face and Three-Quarter.
The location of the flexible glass is shown in light gray (except for the head, which we will talk about later).
Legs. The exoskeleton base, which is hidden behind the flexible glass ( the upper part of the legs and partly the lower part ).
And at the end you will see two pictures - "clothed" and "undressed" Mehorse!